Empirical evidence, from the IPA, shows that ‘fame’ strategies are the most profitable ones in terms of improving business results. In 2011, I was tasked with creating a brand for a new mobile network aimed at youth segment. We set out to create a brand that would get talked about - a fame strategy.

We injected scarcity into the proposition - offering incredible prices but taunting people announcing only 18-22 year old could join. Even those that could would be kicked off when they hit age 23.

The advertising itself created a storm - admired by some, outraged by some, bewildered by many, but noticed by all. Within 3 months, 72% recalled the TV ad (versus a 49% norm), 90% said the advertising distinctive (versus 58% norm), and 60% agreed the TV ad was one that “you would talk about with your friends” (versus 41%). Within a year from launch, we’d hit sales targets, taking 12% of our target market.