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"Run With Foxes is a treasure trove of confessions of an experienced marketer, who is prepared to share his mistakes so that all may learn from them. It is practical, understanding advice from an insider, not an outsider s lecture on how we could all be less dumb. Nor is it a bragging tale of how he kicked ass in marketing. Paul acknowledges the real-world pressures and inputs that sometimes make us take poor decisions, but that we can't simply ignore. Helpful and comforting in equal measure". - Peter Field, author of "The Long and Short of It"

"Chief marketing officers must avoid cultivating departments where the primary objective is not to screw up. We need to cultivate cultures where things might not work, where that s OK. Not the patronising pat on the back of failure as a learning opportunity. Failing is terrible. It really sucks. Paul doesn t promise any easy answers but his book will remind you that we are in the thinking business and any way you can challenge your own critical thinking is a good thing". - Jonnie Cahill, CMO, Heineken USA